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The Daily Prep List 2.9.2023


Powerful industries keep trying to overturn California laws at the ballot box. What’s driving so many referendums?

San Francisco Chronicle 2/9No oil drilling near homes. Higher wages for fast-food workers. Banning flavored tobacco. 

2+ Boosting paid leave?

CalMatters 2/9California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Wednesday announced a $215.3 million settlement against Centene Corp., a multi-billion dollar health care company that is the state’s largest commercial Medi-Cal insurer, with 20 contracts. 

Food Industry Policy

New permit proposal could threaten LA’s Al Fresco outdoor dining program

ABC7 2/9

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A new proposal could threaten the L.A. Al Fresco program, which was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed about 2,5000 restaurants to quickly open or expand their outdoor dining areas.

‘No light at the other end’: Impending loss of pandemic CalFresh boosts could trigger hunger spike

CalMatters 2/9

Food banks across California are bracing for a feared spike in hunger amid inflated prices after a pandemic-era boost in food aid ends in April.

On the Side

Eggs are so expensive, Californians are trying to bring them across the border from Mexico

Los Angeles Times 2/9

With egg prices spiking in California, Border Patrol agents have noticed a rise in the number of people trying to bring eggs across the border from Mexico, which is illegal.

DoorDash, Uber Eats can now charge SF restaurants more for delivery


The 15% commission cap that went into effect last year to limit the fees San Francisco restaurants pay to delivery app companies has ended.

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