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The Daily Prep List 2.14.2023


The new California math: Soda cup slingers just as valuable as beginning elementary teachers

Manteca / Ripon Bulletin 2/14

What is more important to your kid’s future — a burger flipper at McDonald’s putting together a Happy Meal or a teacher in charge of their education?

Shake Shack must pay $20K to trans Bay Area employee repeatedly misgendered at work

San Francisco Chronicle 2/13

A fast-food chain will pay $20,000 and provide anti-discrimination training to its workers to settle a suit by a former transgender employee in Oakland who said he was repeatedly misgendered by coworkers and got no help from management, a state agency announced Monday.

Food Industry Policy

Congress’ Close Eye on Restaurants Has Some Politicos Worried

Restaurant Business 2/13

Every episode of the Working Lunch government-affairs podcast starts with a run-through of the political issues restaurateurs would be well-served to monitor because of the potential impact on the business.

Canned cocktails are booming. California lawmakers want to make it easier to buy them

San Francisco Chronicle 2/13

Right now, many California grocery and convenience stores can sell only beer and wine, not distilled spirits.

On the Side

Our favorite places to eat and drink in Oakland


From mind-blowing tacos and satisfying soul food to cutting edge Cali-French fusion and Michelin-starred dining, Oakland’s vibrant food scene has made the city on the east side of the San Francisco Bay a culinary destination. 

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