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The Daily Prep List 10.7.2022


Restaurant Workers Who Love Tips Are Learning to Love the Minimum Wage Too

The New Republic 10/7

In 2018, when Washington, D.C., was having a high-profile argument over Initiative 77, a ballot measure to end the lower tipped minimum wage in the city, Max Hawla was making a decent income as a bartender and barback.

In the Battle With Robots, Human Workers Are Winning

New York Times 10/7

Why do I still have a job?

Food Industry Policy

California parking space law aims for affordable housing and climate change ‘win-win’

Yahoo! News 10/6

California is famous for its car culture, which the automotive website Jalopnik has dubbed “second to none,” but it’s also known for its environmentalism and its sky-high housing prices.

Recent rulings in COVID-19 business interruption insurance cases promising for restaurants

NRA 10/6

When floods, fires, earthquakes, or other disasters destroy or alter a business’s physical structure and operations, business owners rightfully file claims with insurance providers for help in rebuilding. 

On the Side

San Diego’s avocado production plummets. Growers cite drought, heatwaves

San Diego Union-Tribune 10/6

Avocado growers in San Diego County are facing tough times as a result of the soaring cost of water coupled with ongoing drought and heatwaves.

Join Us for Halloween on the Green!

CRA / Twitter 10/6

We have planned an amazing day at Lincoln Hills Golf Club in an effort to raise funds for
@RestaurantsCare Resilience Fund. Come out to play!!

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