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The Daily Prep List 10.6.2022


No Rest for California Employers in 2022! Here are the Latest Employment Laws in the Golden State

Littler 10/5

California state and local governmental bodies—our state legislature, and counties and cities—were active again this year in their efforts to regulate the workplace.

Americans’ support for unions at highest level in decades

NewNation 10/5

(NewsNation) — As millions of Americans watch their real wages decline in the face of rising inflation, support for labor unions has surged to its highest level in nearly 60 years, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Food Industry Policy

Prop 12’s day in court

Sacramento Bee 10/6

California’s Proposition 12, passed in 2018 and intended to provide more humane living conditions for livestock pigs and chickens at concentrated animal feeding operations (factory farms), will soon get its day in court: The United States Supreme Court.

Los Angeles Wants All Restaurant Customers And Staffs To Mask Up Again

Restaurant Business 6/29

Authorities say they’re trying to tamp down the spread of the Delta coronavirus before it morphs into a vaccine-resistant form.

On the Side

Ex-Chez TJ chef opens first restaurant in Palo Alto, plus more Peninsula and South Bay openings

San Francisco Chronicle 10/6

Peninsula and South Bay diners gained several exciting new spots to eat in September, from a celebrity chef’s ramen restaurant to a fast-growing dessert shop beloved for its coconut pudding.

Prison to kitchen: Inglewood restaurant offers formerly incarcerated new path

KRCW 10/5

On the corner of Centinela and Inglewood Avenue is a casual restaurant offering soul food and second chances to men and women who are returning to society after years in prison. 

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