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The Daily Prep List 10.24.2022


Fast-Food Law Could Lead to Massive Wage Hikes, Spiraling Inflation in California and Beyond

National Review 10/24

For Sanna Shere’s father, buying and running his first Southern California Burger King more than 30 years ago was his entryway to the American Dream.

Pay Parity: Game Changer or Employer Problem?

Comstock’s Magazine 10/24

How does pay transparency work in a family business setting, and is it always necessary? 

Food Industry Policy

Can California improve lives of Iowa’s hogs?

CalMatters 10/24

When politicians or the media use the term “pork,” they refer to spending taxpayers’ money on projects that benefit a particular person or interest group.

TOP-SHELF COMMODITY: How rare and expensive liquor licenses are throttling parts of the restaurant scene

Sacramento Business Journal 10/22

It’s been years since ABC has issued a new Type 47 license in Placer County, which allows for the sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits at a restaurant. 

On the Side

Status Update: More news about planned restaurants across the Sacramento area

Sacramento Business Journal 10/23

Across the Sacramento area, several restaurants are in various stages of opening. Here’s the latest installment in our series of status updates.

Inside the fantastical, pragmatic quest to make “hybrid” meat

VOX 10/24

This much is true: Production and consumption of meat is an environmental and ethical catastrophe. And we keep eating more of it, with enormous consequences.

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