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The Daily Prep List 10.14.2022


Cover: California Is Pushing a Major Progressive Agenda. Will It Work?

Barron’s 10/14

After Chris Belle’s wife died in February, his parents assumed he would move back to Florida. Why struggle in California as a single dad, they reasoned?

The ‘signs from employers angry about paying workers’ genre gets a new entry

Daily KOS 10/13

The passive-aggressive sign about how hard it is to be a business expected to treat workers with basic decency is an increasingly common genre, or at least one getting a new audience thanks to social media.

Food Industry Policy

Will This Bill Make It Cheaper to Use Credit Cards?

NASDAQ / Motley Fool 10/14

These days, it’s rare that I pay cash for anything. It’s just so easy to whip out my credit card, tap to pay (I have gotten so spoiled by contactless credit card technology), and get on with my day

La Habra, Tustin approve revised outdoor dining programs

Voice of OC 10/12

Two Orange County cities have approved amendments to improve and expand their respective outdoor dining programs after seeing their success throughout the pandemic. 

On the Side

The official fast-food burger power rankings

Los Angeles Times 10/14

Let’s just launch right into the exhaustive and extremely correct Fast-Food Burger Power Rankings.

Who says Oktoberfest has to end? 16 Bay Area restaurants with year-round German fare

The Mercury News 10/13 

Oktoberfest season has been whizzing by — remember, it starts every year in September, not October — with just a few big outdoor festivals left this weekend in Campbell, Walnut Creek and Piedmont and live Oktoberfest music at Teske’s on Oct. 21-22 and Oct. 28-29.

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