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The Daily Prep List 10.13.2022


Dodger Stadium concession workers get $10-per-hour raise as part of new contract

Los Angeles Times 10/13

Three months after threatening to strike the All-Star Game, Dodger Stadium concession workers ratified a contract that provides what a union official called “truly livable wages” for the men and women who serve food, tend bar and wash dishes at the ballpark.

National Labor Board Dings Starbucks for Actions During Castro Store Union Drive

The San Francisco Standard 11/11

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a federal agency that enforces labor law, has filed a formal complaint against Starbucks for its actions during the successful union drive of the coffee company’s location in the Castro. 

Food Industry Policy

Can California Boss Around the Nation’s Farmers?

Wall Street Journal – Potomac Watch 10/12

The Supreme Court hears a challenge to Proposition 12, a California law that says meat sold in the state must be produced under specific rules of animal confinement. But does the Constitution let California regulate farm production elsewhere? Plus, the Labor Department sets its sights on freelancers and the “gig economy.”

California Passed a Landmark Law About Plastic Pollution. Why Are Some Environmentalists Still Concerned?

Inside Climate News 10/12

California has a new environmental law that’s described as either a major milestone on the road to tackling the scourge of plastic pollution—or a future failure with a loophole big enough to accommodate a fleet of garbage trucks.

On the Side

Here’s the kind of special treatment the rich and famous get at S.F. restaurants

San Francisco Chronicle 10/13

Secret entrances. Special menus. The rich and famous — many of them on leave from Los Angeles — love to eat at Bay Area restaurants. But when they do, they don’t exactly dine like the rest of us plebeians. 

8 Haunted Bay Area Restaurants and the Ghost Stories Behind Them

Eater SF 10/12

We all have our favorite haunts in the Bay Area, those restaurants that serve the same comfort foods that mom used to make or elicit fond memories of meals shared with friends. 

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