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The Daily Prep List 1.27.2023


Workers at Bay Area chain Peet’s Coffee have unionized their first café

San Francisco Chronicle 1/27

Workers at the first location of Bay Area chain Peet’s Coffee to successfully unionize will celebrate their accomplishment on Saturday, Jan. 28, rallying outside their cafe in North Davis. 

Bay Area woman’s unresolved wage theft claim illustrates wider problem

CBS Bay Area 1/26

OAKLAND – As 2023 begins, Oakland resident Maria Arroyo holds onto hope that this will be the year she is finally paid for years of work that she claims she’s owed.

Food Industry Policy

PFAS and food packaging: Learn about ‘Forever Chemicals

NRA 1/26

Eleven states have enacted laws that ban PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” in food packaging in response to concerns about potential health risks. 

The Newest Contraband at the Mexican Border: Eggs

New York Times 1/25

From California to Texas, border agents are increasingly seizing a surprising type of contraband from Mexico: eggs.

On the Side

KFC installs solar-powered drive-thru in California

NRN 1/26

KFC has unveiled a solar-powered drive-thru at its Bakersfield, Calif. location, the chain announced Thursday. The franchised unit is run by the Stewart Restaurant Group.

LA Restaurants Leadership Roundtable – Monday February 6

CRA 1/26

Monday, February 6, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM PST

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