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The Daily Prep List 09.9.2022


California Enacts Radical AB 257 Restaurant Law

U.S. Chamber of Commerce 9/8

The new law essentially creates a form of sectoral bargaining more commonly seen in other countries, however, that concept is anathema to American labor policy, which is generally covered by the National Labor Relations Act.

AB 257 or Reversal: Fast Food Workers Weigh in on the New Fast Food Council Law

California Globe 9/8

The worker shortage made employees more powerful in demanding higher pay or more flexible hours.

Food Industry Policy

California passes bevy of recycling bills in final days

Plastics Recycling Update 9/8

When California’s legislative session ended Aug. 31, a number of recycling-related bills passed just before the deadline. Here’s a roundup of bills currently waiting to be signed into law and that have already been signed.

The Styrofoam Ban is Back on the Table

San Diego Magazine 9/8

San Diego’s relationship with polystyrene (a.k.a. styrofoam) is complicated. After a two-year intermission that included a lawsuit and an environmental impact report, San Diego City Council is expected to vote on the Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance (referred to as the “Styrofoam ban”) this fall.

On the Side

The San Francisco Restaurant That’s Run Exclusively By Robots

Mashed 9/8

While artificial intelligence can determine the everyday outcome of our social media feeds and our GPS navigation, where it fits into the modern workplace, particularly in the food industry, is a far more complex topic.

Black Food Summit: Bay Area chefs, writers, activists unite Sept. 9 and 10

The Mercury News 9/7

Together with the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, chef-in-residence and award-winning author Bryant Terry has organized a two-day public event bringing together some of the greatest minds in the worlds of food, writing, farming and activism.

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