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The Daily Prep List 09.27.2022


SFO food workers launch strike for higher pay

San Francisco Chronicle 9/26

Around 1,000 food workers at San Francisco International Airport went on strike on Monday morning, demanding higher pay after contract negotiations stalled out.

Worried about the economy? Demand for these jobs is high and growing

Los Angeles Times 9/26

Elsa Reaza was ready to leave her job when a friend suggested she apply for a housekeeping position at the Conrad, a new luxury hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Food Industry Policy

California Leads the World in Testing Drinking Water for Microplastics

Stateline 9/27

You are drinking microplastics.

Heller: New Senate Bill Aims to Shed Light on Credit Card Industry

Newsweek 9/27

Most consumers don’t realize that every time they use a credit card at checkout, the businesses they are purchasing from are forced to pay a swipe fee. While this fee is invisible to consumers, businesses are all too familiar with it, as it often amounts to their highest overhead cost after labor.

On the Side

Chipotle Mexican Grill will test robotic tortilla chip maker ‘Chippy’ in California restaurant

CNBC 9/27

Chipotle Mexican Grill is moving one step closer to having a robot make its tortilla chips.

This pan-African fine dining pop-up is opening a new Creole restaurant in Oakland

San Francicso Chronicle 9/27

One of the Bay Area’s few specialists in pan-African cooking is moving into the heart of downtown Oakland.

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