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The Daily Prep List 09.16.2022


How Restaurants Can Do Away With Tipping for Good

The Takeout 9/16

On Labor Day this year, California governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill called the FAST Recovery Act

Newson signs law putting burger flippers on same pay footing as entry level teachers

Manteca / Ripon Bulletin 9/16

The average salary for an entry teacher in California is $46,611.

Food Industry Policy

Proposition 12 is Not the Way We Want to Care for Animals, Hays Says

Pork Business 9/16

It’s been quite a year in U.S. agriculture, National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) President Terry Wolters told a crowd of journalists at NPPC’s media roundtable on Thursday. 

Promenade street dining set to end Oct. 1

Santa Monica Daily Press 9/16

With just days left before the City of Santa Monica’s temporary outdoor dining ordinance — enacted in a rush during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic — expires, to be replaced by a long term outdoor use ordinance, local service workers and restaurateurs are making an 11th-hour pitch to retain the right to serve food at tables placed on the roadway that runs through the Third Street Promenade downtown, but so far, the city has indicated it will not change course.

On the Side

Rice bowl restaurant franchise WaBa Grill strikes development deal that will bring concept to Sacramento area

Sacramento Business Journal 9/15

Orange County-based rice bowl franchise WaBa Grill recently executed a development deal that will see 20 locations established throughout Northern California, including the Sacramento area.

The 30 Least Expensive Michelin Star Restaurants in California

Matador Network 9/15

Some people who look at the food first and foremost when picking a vacation destination.

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