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The Daily Prep List 08.31.2022


Elected leaders could help all restaurant workers by learning from California’s mistakes

McDonald’s USA 8/31

As President of McDonald’s USA, it may come as a surprise to hear that I support raising minimum wages for workers. In fact, I welcome legislation that increases wages for all workers.

A War for Fast-Food Wages Takes Center Stage in California

QSR Magazine 8/31

The FAST Act, or Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, has stirred heated response following its passage by the California State Legislature on Monday.

Food Industry Policy

Board of Supervisors extends support to restaurants in unincorporated communities

The Signal SCV 8/30

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to extend all conditional use permits issued to restaurants in the unincorporated communities by 18 months. 

As Michelin-starred chefs walk, Bay Area mom-and-pop restaurants persevere against COVID challenges

The Mercury News 8/30

Viviana Masarweh dumped more pots of coffee down Doyle Street Cafe’s drains than into warm mugs back in March 2020.

On the Side

You’ve heard the viral Corn Kid song. Now eat some corn in the Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle 8/31

For some reason, we’ve been thinking about corn a lot lately.

5½ hours and 10 bowls of pasta with Alison Brie

Los Angeles Times 8/30

Alison Brie knows her pasta. On a recent evening, the actress sits at a table inside Osteria la Buca, studying a bowl of cacio e pepe.

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