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The Daily Prep List 08.26.2022


Nearly Half of Restaurants Couldn’t Cover Their August Rent, Study Finds

Restaurant Business 8/24

About 46% of restaurants lacked the funds to pay their August rents, an 8-point jump in delinquencies from two months earlier, according to the latest survey of small businesses by Alignable Research Center.

Restaurant Bill With Tip Minimum Sparks Discussion on ‘Tipflation’

Newsweek 8/24

A now-viral photo of one Redditor’s restaurant bill has sparked an online discussion about “tipflation.”

Food Industry Policy

California legislature to decide fate of street food vendors

KRON4 8/26

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A bill that would loosen rules for street food vendors passed the state Assembly on Wednesday and is headed back to the state Senate. If it passes, it heads to Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) for his signature.

Fast-food franchisees say California’s AB 257 could increase costs, undermine business model

Fox Business 8/25

Fast-food franchisees in California are concerned a proposed piece of legislation would increase costs and undermine the franchise model in the state if it becomes law.

On the Side

What’s for dinner? Protein — and its large water footprint

Salon 8/26

When it comes to the question of “what’s for dinner?” protein is typically at the center of the meal.

If You Use Instacart, Prepare for This “Big” Change to Your Orders

Best Life 8/25

Having your groceries delivered is one of modern life’s great conveniences, especially if it’s raining or you just don’t feel like walking into a crowded store.

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