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The Daily Prep List 08.25.2022


In-N-Out Scores Top Marks in Fast Food’s ‘War for Talent’

QSR Magazine 8/24

In the summer of 2019, Chipotle’s chief restaurant officer, Scott Boatwright, referred to the labor landscape as a “talent crisis.”

The 15% Tip Appears to be Dead

Restaurant Business 8/24

The pandemic has claimed another restaurant casualty: the 15% tip.

Food Industry Policy

California’s FAST Act is a fast path to mass economic misery

Los Angeles Daily News 8/24

Once again, the California Legislature is forcing businesses to think twice before continuing to serve consumers in the Golden State.

California’s Minimum Wage Rate Jumping to $15.50 Per Hour in 2023

The National Law Review 8/24

California’s minimum wage rate will rise to $15.50 per hour, beginning on January 1, 2023, due to a cost-of-living increase provision found in the state’s minimum wage law.

On the Side

Is it Time to Re-Examine Third-Party Delivery Services?

QSR Magazine 8/24

Third-party delivery services have been a blessing and a curse for restaurants.

BuzzFeed’s Eat Your Feed Fest Will Debut Within ComplexCon

Adweek 8/24

BuzzFeed Inc. shared early details surrounding its inaugural Eat Your Feed Festival (EYFF), the first joint experiential offering from the company following its acquisition of Complex Media in December.

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