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Welcome to The Daily Prep List

Dear Reader,

It’s the same Chatter, with a different flavor! We sift through thousands of daily stories, searching for those that we think would make you a more informed restaurant owner or executive. 

What kind of news does The Daily Prep cover?

You’ll find the latest news about public policy, third-party delivery, the use of tech in restaurants, labor, innovation, food trends, investment trends, and major job moves among the ranks of restaurant executives. The stories are culled not just from West Coast news media, but from thousands of media outlets all over the country, and we’ve learned that sometimes, the most interesting story of the day can come from an obscure media outlet that few people have heard of. In other words, you are sure to find news in The Daily Prep that you wouldn’t otherwise know to look for.

Beyond story links, you’ll also find original articles and interviews contributed by restaurant leaders, as well as regular analysis of policy trends and insightful quotations relative to restaurants.  

Will it cost anything?

The Daily Prep will remain a free service. Please keep reading and please pass this along to your management teams and encourage them to subscribe. Send any feedback to

Make The Daily Prep List part of your daily prep before you get your day started, and we know you’ll be the smartest person in the room. Want even more info? Check out our site. Thanks for joining us!

Jot Condie
President + CEO
California Restaurant Association

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