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The Daily Prep List 9.25.2023


Econometer: Should the minimum wage for fast food workers be raised?

San Diego Union-Tribune 9/22

Most of California’s estimated 500,000 fast-food workers would get a $20 minimum wage in 2024 — almost $5 an hour more than the current state minimum wage of $15.50 — if a compromise bill is signed into law by Gov. Newsom.

California (Is) Dreaming

American Action Forum 9/21

California evidently exists to incubate horrific economic policies. Over the past several years, the state legislature and executive branch have waged a war against the future of “quick serve restaurants” (QSRs), which are the familiar fast food franchises (e.g., McDonald’s) as well as firm-owned outlets such as Starbucks.

Food Industry Policy

A tiny pest in the Bay Area could cause billions in damage to California farms

San Francisco Chronicle 9/22

At the Danville and Walnut Creek farmers’ markets, Penny Granberg is known as the tomato lady. But on a recent weekend, the owner of Rose Lane Farm had no fresh tomatoes she could sell, just nuts and flowers.

Appeals panel says hotel allowed to collect legal fees after beating an ADA accessibility class action over website

Northern California Record 9/22

A federal appeals panel has ruled Gateway Hotel can collect at least some legal fees from a plaintiff who lost a lawsuit accusing the company of skirting federal disability discrimination protections through its website reservation process.

On the Side

This L.A. Italian restaurant chain was an incubator for star chefs. Now, one location remains

Los Angeles Times 9/22

At the dawn of the 1980s, the Italian restaurant scene in Los Angeles was awash in red-checkered tablecloth spots heavy on red sauce — and light on places that elevated the cuisine above Americanized comfort food.

Oakland Is Getting an Eight-Seat Omakase Restaurant Starring Super-Rare Japanese Fish

SF Eater 9/22

Just three days after the Mercury News spilled the beans on the upcoming permanent restaurant from East Bay sushi pop-up, Sushi Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle is filling in more of the details on the move.

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