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The Daily Prep List 9.19.2023


Few California workers belong to unions, but they scored big in Legislature this year

CalMatters 9/19

When Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher resigned from the Legislature last year to become the state’s top union official, it marked a new era of labor’s political influence in a state where just 17% of workers belong to unions.

The impact of the fast-food wage compromise in California won’t be limited to fast food

Restaurant Business 9/18

In California, the battle over fast-food chain regulation appears to have reached detente, but the impact of the compromise is expected to ripple across the industry to all segments—and, some say, all industries.

Food Industry Policy

Retail trade group urges passage of bill that would reduce credit card ‘swipe fees’: Here’s why

Fox Business 9/18

The National Retail Federation (NRF), the nation’s largest retail trade group, is urging Congress to pass the bipartisan Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA), saying it has the potential to save consumers and businesses $15 billion annually.

Are gas stove bans going into place?

The Hill 9/17

(NEXSTAR) – Over the past couple years, a wave of progressive cities and states have moved toward banning gas stoves and other appliances in new buildings.

On the Side

The Restaurant List

New York Times 9/18

For the third annual New York Times Restaurant List, we sent a dozen reporters, editors and critics to hundreds of places across the United States — from Rattlesnake Point in Florida to the Arts District in Los Angeles — to find our favorites.

The nine most exciting Bay Area restaurants opening this fall

Los Angeles Times 9/19

Soon the Bay Area will have new places to eat Peruvian food on a rooftop, fresh seafood overlooking the San Francisco Bay and Japanese barbecue alongside fresh noodles.

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