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The Daily Prep List 9.14.2023


Defying Industry, California Lawmakers Vote for Employer-Paid Food Training

New York Times 9/13

The California Legislature is moving to require employers to compensate food service employees for the cost of food safety training mandated by the state’s public health laws.

California moves one step closer to five paid sick days, with unions banking on COVID lessons

Los Angeles Times 9/13

SACRAMENTO — California employers will be required to provide workers with five days of paid sick leave under legislation passed by the state Legislature on Wednesday, up from the current three-day requirement.

Food Industry Policy

Restaurant owners file lawsuit against City of San Diego over illegal street vendors

KUSI News 9/13

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Chaos resulting from illegal street vendors in the streets of San Diego has prompted a group of restaurant owners to take legal action against the city.

California restaurant owner rips plan to ban plastic gift cards: ‘This is peak absurdity’

Washington Examiner 9/13

Chef Andrew Gruel, a restaurateur and Food Network judge, slammed California’s latest environmental legislation to ban plastic gift cards, which he says will affect local businesses.

On the Side

Seis for Salsa: Six L.A. Restaurants to Visit During Hispanic Heritage Month

Los Angeles Magazine 9/13

Los Angeles has some of the best Latin, and specifically Mexican, restaurants in the world.

How Sweetgreen got restaurant margins up and how they plan to them there

Restaurant Business 9/13

Sweetgreen pushed margins over a 20% benchmark during the second quarter and now the fast-casual chain is confident they will be able to keep those restaurant-level margins climbing, said CFO Mitch Reback in an investor presentation Tuesday.

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