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The Daily Prep List 9.12.2023


California’s fast food wars yield a truce

Politico 9/11

Fast food corporations and labor unions in California have struck a deal on worker regulations, defusing a yearslong power struggle and looming ballot fight.

California lawmakers vote to give striking workers unemployment benefits despite low funds

The Sacramento Bee 9/11

Striking workers in California are one step closer to receiving state-funded financial help after a key vote Monday afternoon.

Food Industry Policy

Palo Alto adopts new rules for downtown parklets

Palo Alto Online 9/11

When parklets began popping up on Palo Alto’s downtown strips in the bleak days of 2020, they were embraced by residents, restaurants and city leaders alike as a key tool for helping businesses stay afloat and giving residents places to go during the pandemic.

Bacon Prices to Rise as State Slaughterhouse Laws Take Effect

The Messenger 9/12

Bacon and pork chops are about to get more expensive in California and Massachusetts thanks to two upcoming slaughterhouse laws aimed at curbing some of the pork industry’s most controversial practices.

On the Side

This Sacramento brewery went tipless in favor of paying employees a consistent salary

The Sacramento Bee 9/11

Mark Melvin, the CEO of Touchstone Climbing, had one request when he agreed to open a brewery as a spin-off of the climbing gym chain — he wanted the brewery to be totally tipless.

From tide to table: Uncovering San Francisco’s finest seafood restaurants

SFGate 9/12

Nestled at the gateway to the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is a seafood lover’s paradise.

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