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The Daily Prep List 8.31.2023


San Francisco sues staffing startup, alleging it misclassifies workers as contractors

The San Francisco Chronicle 8/31

San Francisco has filed suit against Qwick, a staffing company that supplies thousands of food servers, dishwashers and other help to restaurants and hotels, saying the company is depriving its workers of minimum wages and other benefits by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees.

Biden proposed new rules to boost Americans’ overtime pay. California is way ahead of him.

The Los Angeles Times 8/30

The proposed changes by the U.S. Department of Labor would make workers who receive salaries of up to $1,059 per week, or $55,068 annually, eligible for overtime pay.

Food Industry Policy

Restaurants in disbelief after news of another swipe-fee hike

Restaurant Business 8/30

The charges for U.S. operators are already the highest in the world. Now Mastercard and Visa are said to be planning hikes.

Was that chicken cutlet grown in a lab? These states want you to know

Stateline 8/31

As USDA approves ‘cell-cultivated chicken,’ more states tighten labeling laws.

On the Side

Remember Happy Steak? Perko’s? This one man had a huge impact on the Fresno restaurant scene

The Fresno Bee 8/30

Do you remember Happy Steak in Fresno? Or another more modern restaurant that’s still around — Country Waffles? Or what about other decades-old restaurants in the central San Joaquin Valley, including Perko’s Cafe, Brooks Ranch, Early Dawn or Jeb’s Swedish Creamery? All of them had one thing in common: H.T. “Chic” Brooks was involved in founding them.

Cook like a chef. Our cookbook collects recipes from restaurants around the Sacramento region

The Sacramento Bee 8/31

“Sacramento Eats: Recipes from the Capital Region’s Favorite Restaurants” will hit local bookstores’ shelves and be available online on Nov. 17, though pre-orders are available now. It’s an ode to the Sacramento-area’s mouthwatering dining scene, produced by The Sacramento Bee and published by Washington-based Pediment Publishing.

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