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The Daily Prep List 8.22.2023


The Next Frontier for Corporate Benefits: Menopause

The New York Times 8/19

In an effort to attract and retain experienced women, some companies are adding menopause-specific care to their benefits packages.

Bill to eliminate work permits in Wisconsin comes amid national push to loosen child labor laws

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/21

Three Republican lawmakers are seeking to eliminate work permits for 14- and 15-year-olds — a proposal that comes amid a national push to loosen regulations for young workers and at a time when child labor violations are increasing.

Food Industry Policy

Fast food dining rooms losing luster as companies focus on ‘digital guest experience’

New York Post 8/21

Consulting firm McKinsey & Company said a “digital revolution is changing the way business is done.” The firm even went as far as to say that “restaurant companies that are slow to adapt to these developments could be left behind.”

Yes, Food Costs More on Uber Eats – Here is How Much More You Are Paying Before You Even Add the Delivery Fee At Some Restaurants & Why

Cord Cutters News 8/21

At Burger King, a standard Whopper with cheese meal medium with a Coke will cost, before taxes $11.89 at the store. On Uber Eats, that same meal will cost you $15.46. That is an extra $3.57 before adding the delivery fee, taxes, and other fees.

On the Side

Home cooked food delivery app makes US debut in North Texas

Audacy 8/21

While the growth of food delivery apps in recent years has made it easier than ever to get good food at home, there still is nothing better than a quality home cooked meal. Of course, not everyone is capable of making the level of food at home they’ve become accustom to ordering from restaurants. Luckily, a new app just launched in DFW that will deliver home cooked meals to customers.

26-year-old charged for robbing six street vendors in Los Angeles

CBS Los Angeles 8/21

Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged a 26-year-old man with a series of violent street vendor robberies.

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