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The Daily Prep List 8.15.2023


California Fast Food Workers Face Massive Pushback to $22 Hourly Wage Proposal

The Messenger 8/14

A state law creating an oversight body that would raise wages was shot down by voters. Now workers are taking up Plan B to get it on the books.

Fast Food Brands Duck Joint Liability for Child Labor Violations

Bloomberg Law 8/15

Major brand names are facing new pressure to address child labor violations at their franchised locations following a surge in cases involving fast food restaurants and other businesses operating under corporate licensing agreements.

Food Industry Policy

Using a Credit Card? At These Restaurants It’ll Cost You

The New York Times 8/14

Customers have been inundated with fees at restaurants. The latest one is for using a credit card.

One controversial parklet in Richmond reveals dilemmas of pandemic dining

The Mercury News 8/15

After saving restaurants, some COVID-era outdoor dining may not withstand bureaucracy.

On the Side

Looking to support victims of the Maui fire? Start with these L.A restaurants

The Los Angeles Times 8/14

Los Angeles restaurant owners are allocating percentages of their profits, hosting fundraisers and raising awareness for the Maui communities grappling with the tragedy of the recent fires.

Food wars: Inside the fight for ‘Long Beach Restaurant Week’

Long Beach Post 8/14

After marketing the multi-day celebration of Long Beach cuisine as “Long Beach Restaurant Week” for months, organizers abruptly changed the event’s name earlier this month due to a public and legal conflict over who is able to use the phrase, “Long Beach Restaurant Week.”

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