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The Daily Prep List 8.14.2023


California’s on the cusp of transforming America’s fast food industry – again

Politico 8/14

The state that gave America McDonald’s and Taco Bell is barreling towards a 2024 ballot showdown over unions.

California Labor Federation Chief Says It’s “Shameful” State Doesn’t Offer Unemployment Insurance To Striking Workers

Deadline 8/12

Striking members of the Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA who live in New York and New Jersey have a distinct financial advantage over their counterparts in California and elsewhere in the country: They are eligible for state unemployment insurance benefits even though they’re on strike.

Food Industry Policy

City council moves to secure al fresco dining in the coastal zone

NBC Los Angeles 8/12

The Los Angeles City Council moved forward on Saturday to establish a permit process to permanently allow al fresco restaurant dining on both private property and in the public right-of-way in the city’s coastal zone.

Can Bay Area Political Leaders Solve Climate Change?

CATO Institute 8/11

Passing laws, adopting regulations, and spending money to fight climate change are popular activities for both elected and unelected officials in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On the Side

Fixins is poised for expansion, something other Sacramento restaurants have struggled to do

The Sacramento Bee 8/14

Fixins has become a keystone in rapidly-changing North Oak Park since opening in 2019. Now ex-mayor Kevin Johnson’s soul food brand is fixin’ to make Sacramento history as the first modern concept to expand nationwide.

Redditors in LA are compiling a list of restaurants that ask customers to pay extra fees as diners grow increasingly frustrated with added charges

MSN 8/14

The Google Sheets document has more than 200 entries for bars and eateries across the city. The additional costs include security charges, service charges, card fees, and “administrative fees.”

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