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The Daily Prep List 8.10.2023


How to design predictable scheduling laws that not only benefit workers but also firms’ bottom line?

Brookings 8/10

Over the past few decades, much of the media and policy debate around labor issues have focused on low wages. Labor issues related to work schedules have received far less attention.

Celebrity chef John Tesar in Hot Water After Altercation with OC Labor Union

LA Eater 8/9

Tesar was captured on video yelling at striking hospitality workers outside of his Orange County restaurant Knife.

Food Industry Policy

Pork prices could soon rise in California as a new law takes effect. Will bacon cost more?

The Sacramento Bee 8/10

A recent state initiative designed to improve the conditions of mother pigs has led some in the pork industry to worry about possible increases in bacon and pork prices, which could start to affect California markets in the coming months.

Goodbye hotdogs, hello vegan masala: California’s school lunches are going gourmet.

CalMatters 8/10

Last year California began providing free school lunches to all TK-12 students, regardless of family income. Now, with an influx of state and federal money, school districts are revamping kitchens and training staff so they can provide freshly made, healthy meals.

On the Side

San Diego’s QDOBA Fast-Casual Mexican Plans to Double Number of Restaurants

Times of San Diego 8/10

San Diego-based fast-casual Mexican chain QDOBA announced plans to double the number of restaurants over the coming decade, with as many as 80 new locations opened each year.

Chow down as you cool down, enjoy our five favorite Sacramento-area summer dishes

FSR Magazine 6/29

The Sacramento Bee 8/10 These are five of my favorite dishes to order at Sacramento-area restaurants during the summer.

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