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The Daily Prep List 8.03.2023


In the legal minefield of restaurant surcharges, it’s all about disclosure

Restaurant Business Online 8/2

When it comes to restaurant surcharges, language matters. Restaurants across the country are adding surcharges to their bills for various reasons, but fundamentally to avoid raising menu prices.

San Jose Fast Food Employees Are Holding a Citywide Strike on Wednesday

Eater SF 8/2

Employees at fast food restaurants across San Jose are planning to strike Wednesday, August 2, in an effort to urge government action on low pay, wage theft, and unsafe working conditions, Bay City News reports.

Food Industry Policy

Restaurants keep adding service fees even as customers say they don’t like them

Restaurant Business 8/2

Scott Lawton isn’t a big fan of many of the service charges he’s been seeing, at restaurants and in other industries.

Back From the Dead: California Legislature Resurrects the Industrial Welfare Commission

Restaurant Business 8/1

On July 10, 2023, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 102 (“AB 102”), amending the Budget Act of 2023. Buried in this seemingly innocuous appropriations bill is a provision that could mean more burdensome wage and hour regulations for employers in the future.

On the Side

Three well-loved Central Valley restaurants close. Here’s why and what may replace them

Modesto Bee 8/2

Three well-known Valley restaurants have closed recently as the post-pandemic fallout in the area’s dining scene continues.

The 12 most delicious new restaurants in the Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle 8/2

Summer is here, and so are the boozy slushies, all-you-can-eat tacos and double cheeseburgers.

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