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The Daily Prep List 7.25.2023


Column: The carnage from the rollback of child labor laws is just starting

Los Angeles Times 7/24

If there is a predictable outcome from the rollback of child labor laws now taking place in red states nationwide, it’s that a flood of injured children is on the way. We are now standing on the edge of the water.

Employer fined for hiring priest to make workers confess ‘workplace sins’

HRD Magazine 7/25

The owners and operators of Che Garibaldi – operator of Taqueria Garibaldi – have been ordered to pay $140,000 in back wages and damages to 35 restaurant employees after they allegedly tapped the services of a person identified as a priest to force workers to confess “workplace sins”.

Food Industry Policy

Food product safety bill continues to advance in California Legislature

Food Safety News 7/25

The manufacturers that use red dye No. 3 and four other food additives may run out of time in California.

Fiscal Flavor: Where Tax Credits and Incentives Add Zest to Every Bite

Modern Restaurant Management 7/25

As a restaurant owner, managing your finances effectively is crucial for the success and growth of your business.

On the Side

Curry Pizza House Opens First SoCal Location

QSR Magazine 7/24

Curry Pizza House is marking its rapid franchise expansion with its first Southern California location, which opened on June 24.

The rise of gig workers is changing the face of the US economy

CNN Business 7/24

Los Angeles CNN — Lazarus Limo usually starts his day at 10 a.m. ET, driving passengers and delivering food for Uber around Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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