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The Daily Prep List 7.17.2023


Millions of Californians Are Expected to Lose Medi-Cal Coverage

The New York Times 7/17

As the state verifies eligibility for its Medicaid program after a pandemic pause, up to 2.8 million Californians could be kicked off the rolls, officials say.

Fast Act’s on hold, but Calif. has pushed through another way to raise fast-food wages

Restaurant Business 7/14

The SEIU was successful in recreating the 1920s-era Industrial Wage Commission, with the power to set pay within industries with a large portion of low-wage earners.

Food Industry Policy

Vibrant Night Markets Could Get Easier to Launch Under New California Bill

KQED 7/17

Vibrant night markets studded with food halls are a staple in major global cities like Taipei, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Now, a newly proposed state bill, AB 441, would make it even easier for food destinations like San Francisco to start and run bustling night markets.

In-N-Out May Be Banning Workers From Wearing Masks, Stirring Controversy

Mashed 7/15

Throughout the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, masks were required to work in fast food unless otherwise exempt. Now, one company is allegedly requiring an exemption for workers who want to continue wearing a mask.

On the Side

She Runs a Tight Kitchen

San Fernando Valley Business Journal 7/17

Madelyn Alfano is the chief emotional officer and president of Maria’s Italian Kitchen, which she transformed from a family-owned grocery and deli into an eight-location multimillion dollar dining, central commissary and catering enterprise.

Dave’s Hot Chicken has named a new CMO and CTO

Nation’s Restaurant News 7/14

Brad Haley’s previous roles include CMO for IHOP and CKE Restaurants, while Leon Davoyan joins the company from Kitchen United.

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