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The Daily Prep List 7.05.2023


The Minimum Wage Just Went Up in Several Bay Area Cities. Are You Getting Paid the Right Amount?

KQED 7/3

As of July 1, 2023, the minimum wage has gone up in several Bay Area cities. In San Francisco, the minimum wage is now $18.07 (PDF). On July 1, it increased from $16.99, marking the biggest increase in the city’s minimum wage in the past eight years.

After lawsuit, Jon & Vinny’s adds explainer on customer checks about 18% service fee

Los Angeles Times 7/3

Nearly two weeks after former servers at Jon & Vinny’s filed a class-action lawsuit against the popular Italian American restaurant, alleging that the establishment violated California gratuity laws, the restaurant changed the language tacked on to the end of customer bills regarding its 18% service fee.

Food Industry Policy

Sacramento Al Fresco outdoor dining grant deadline extended

ABC 10 7/4

Businesses hoping to participate in Sacramento’s permanent Al Fresco outdoor dining program now have a few more months to apply for up to $20,000 in reimbursable grant funding.

Anti-cruelty law that gives pigs more space could raise ham, bacon prices

Los Angeles Times 7/3

It seemed for a while that California’s controversial pork law would take effect only when pigs fly. The law was fought all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but starting this month, farmers across the country must abide by the regulation, passed in 2018, which requires them to provide more space for breeding pigs in their pens or lose the right to sell their products in the Golden State.

On the Side

Our favorite affordable restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle 7/5

San Francisco is known for many things: pudgy Mission burritos swaddled in foil, clam chowder spilling out of an excessive sourdough bread bowl, innovative tasting menus that go on for hours.

‘No tipping!’: Restaurant creates tip-free model by paying workers a living wage, shares profits with workers

Upworthy 7/5

One restaurant from San Francisco is shaking things up by declaring itself a ‘tip-free’ place. Zazie is a popular brunch spot in the city and is paying its staff a living wage with benefits, and a share of the profits as well.

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