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The Daily Prep List 6.12.2023


A long, hot labor summer?

CalMatters 6/12

State workers may go on the picket line when their union contracts expire in early July, but more private sector employees may go on strike sooner. These labor tensions across various industry sectors have been culminating in what KCRW dubbed “hot labor summer.”

‘Helping’ fast-food workers by destroying their jobs

The Orange County Register 6/9

Due to an odd medical ailment a few years ago, I developed a craving for iron-rich cheeseburgers and ate them constantly. I’ve long been cured, but in the process became something of a connoisseur of the offerings at virtually every fast-food joint. I’ve also watched prices for such fare soar to eye-popping levels.

Food Industry Policy

Berkeley tries to save gas ban after court strikes it down

Nosh 6/9

A federal appeals court ruled Berkeley couldn’t ban gas hookups in new buildings. The city attorney is pushing back.

City Inks Contract for Outdoor Dining Consultant

The Manhattan Beach News 6/9

The Manhattan Beach City Council has agreed to a 15-month, $400,000 contract for a consultant to work on the city’s long-term outdoor dining plan.

On the Side

People are spending less on hotels, flights and restaurants

The Washington Post 6/12

Signs of a consumer slowdown could be good news for the Fed, which is poised to hold interest rates steady for the first time in over a year.

This is L.A.’s big year for James Beard Awards — and what that means

Los Angeles Times 6/10

“Awards and recognition mean everything, and they mean nothing.” That’s how I concluded my thoughts this time last year on the results of the annual James Beard Foundation awards. In 2022, Los Angeles claimed no winners for either restaurants or media.

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