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The Daily Prep List 6.02.2023


Calif. Assembly Oks bill making fast-food franchisors liable for franschisees’ labor practices

Restaurant Business 6/1

Fast-food franchisors would be accountable for the employment policies and practices of their franchisees in California under a bill passed yesterday by the state’s Assembly.

NRA wants to stop California’s FAST Recovery Act, draw new workers to industry

Restaurant Dive 6/1

As the political battle over restaurant labor heats up, Sean Kennedy, EVP of public affairs at the National Restaurant Association, discusses the biggest challenges facing the industry.

Food Industry Policy

Berkeley makes a last-ditch try to outlaw gas kitchen equipment

Restaurant Business 6/1

Berkeley, Calif., is making a last-ditch effort to preserve the city’s landmark plan to ban gas-fueled equipment from newly constructed kitchens within the notoriously liberal city, a frequent regulatory model for jurisdictions throughout the nation.

A Closer Look: Cocktails-To-Go Bill

NBC Bay Area 6/1

Many of us order dinner to go, but what about drinks to go?

On the Side

How Racism and a Viral Mob Destroyed a California Restaurant

Daily Beast 6/1

A California restaurant has been forced to permanently shutter its doors after a video went viral falsely claiming its Southeast Asian owner abused dogs and used dog meat in the food.

40 Absolute Best Restaurants In San Francisco, Ranked

Tasting Table 6/2

It’s safe to say that San Francisco is considered one of the world’s greatest cities, both culturally and, of course, culinarily

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