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The Daily Prep List 5.31.2023


Labor on the line

Politico 5/31

THE BUZZ: There’s little that gets done in Sacramento without the blessing of California’s powerful unions.

Californians Are America’s Stingiest Tippers, New Study Shows

SF Standard 5/31

Californians rank dead last in the nation for tipping, according to findings from a 2019 to 2023 restaurant sales report.

Food Industry Policy

Why In-N-Out Burger Is Fighting A Landmark Climate Bill

The Lever 5/23

With the Biden administration now reportedly delaying federal rules forcing businesses to reveal their carbon emissions, industry groups are flocking to another forum to fight the key climate transparency measure: Sacramento, where state legislators are preparing to vote on a far-reaching measure to combat corporate greenwashing.

Restaurants near San Diego coast must restore parking displaced by streetside dining

San Diego Union-Tribune 5/22

In a blow to restaurants closest to San Diego’s coastline, the City Council consented Monday to new California Coastal Commission regulations that will require owners to replace any lost parking spaces taken up by outdoor dining areas they operate on the street.

On the Side

CDC: Sick workers tied to 40% of restaurant food poisonings

The Mercury News 5/31

Food workers who showed up while sick or contagious were linked to about 40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks with a known cause between 2017 and 2019, federal health officials said Tuesday.

Diners Are Fed Up With Minimal Service. Will a Little Warmth Win Them Back?

The New York Times 5/30

The Marte family took a risk the other night. They went out to eat.

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