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The Daily Prep List 5.15.2023


Bill to ban caste discrimination in California cleared a major hurdle this week

San Francisco Chronicle 5/12

SB403 by Sen. Aisha Wahab, D-Hayward, would prohibit discrimination based on caste in employment, housing, education and other programs under the same state laws that apply to race, religion, sex and sexual orientation.

Do I have a say in where I get food safety certified?

Restaurant Business 5/12

ServSafe is an internationally recognized food safety and sanitation certification based on the FDA Food Code.

Food Industry Policy

McDonald’s new battle over the way the Big Mac and fries are packaged

CNBC 5/13

McDonald’s Big Mac made the move to paper packaging in 1990 and the fast food chain is making progress on more recent goals to have 100% of products in recycled or renewable materials by 2025.

9th Circuit ruling puts Carlsbad’s electrification push on hold

The Coast News 5/12

In a lawsuit brought by the California Restaurant Association, the federal appeals court ruled against the City of Berkeley’s ordinance banning natural gas pipelines in new buildings on the basis the law preempts the federal Energy Policy and Conservation Act.

On the Side

Why Top Berkeley Restaurants was my toughest list yet

San Francisco Chronicle 5/15

The hardest part of putting together a Top Restaurant list isn’t picking places to include. It’s choosing which ones to cut.

The food court rising above San Francisco’s ‘doom loop’: ‘We’re breaking down stereotypes’

The Guardian 5/13

While stores like Whole Foods and Nordstrom are closing, La Cocina’s entrepreneurs are building community in a neighborhood facing homelessness and addiction.

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