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The Daily Prep List 5.10.2023


Egelko: SCOTUS ruled against a California labor law. State Supreme Court might uphold it anyway

San Francisco Chronicle 5/9

The state Supreme Court seemed likely Tuesday to preserve workers’ right to sue their employers for violating state labor rules under a unique California law, despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the law violates an employer’s right to take workplace disputes to arbitration.

Julie Su as labor secretary would wreck flexibility for employers, employees

Washington Times 5/9

Despite triumphant proclamations from some politicians about the “greatest economic recovery in U.S. history,” there is still much uncertainty for American businesses.

Food Industry Policy

California bills in danger in ‘suspense file’

CalMatters 5/10

If you’re the author or supporter of a bill before the California Legislature, this is one list you dread: While getting sent to the “suspense file” doesn’t seal a measure’s fate, it does put it at some risk of being killed for the year.

Are OC’s Street Vendors ‘Unfair Competition’ or Fuel for the Community?

Voice of OC 5/10

City officials throughout Orange County are increasingly cracking down on street vendors – a common occupation for immigrants – who set up stalls on the sidewalk or use push carts through neighborhoods.

On the Side

Top Berkeley Restaurants

San Francisco Chronicle 5/9

Berkeley is far more than a bohemian college town.

Zov’s Celebrating 35 Years with Growth Plans

FSR Magazine 5/9

Zov’s, the renowned restaurant that has been delighting diners for 35 years with its unique Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, is celebrating multiple milestones this year – its 35th anniversary and expansion into San Clemente.

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