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The Daily Prep List 4.24.2023


Yes, You Should Still Tip 20% on Top of a Restaurant’s Service Charge

Bon Appetit 4/24

At the Indian-American sports bar Pijja Palace in Los Angeles, there’s a note written by owner Avish Naran on the menu right beneath a selection of chicken wings: This is a reminder that we have 19% SERVICE CHARGE. I put this under the wings section, so you can fly your ass out of here if you don’t like it.

Labor union SEIU appeals Prop. 22 challenge to California Supreme Court

Los Angeles Times 4/21

Plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging California’s gig economy law Proposition 22 have made good on their promise to take the case to the state’s highest court.

Food Industry Policy

California’s push to ban natural gas hit a snag. Could it derail the entire effort?

San Francisco Chronicle 4/22

The march to wean California off natural gas seemed unstoppable as more and more cities passed laws banning gas hookups in new homes.

Food Code changes make donation easier and effective

NRA 4/20

Recent changes to the 2022 Food Code(Opens in a new window) will help clear barriers for restaurant operators who want to donate food to their communities, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(Opens in a new window) says.

On the Side

Los Angeles Is a Doughnut Town

New York Times 4/24

The Donut Hole, in La Puente, doesn’t sell the very best doughnuts in the Los Angeles area, but I love going there. Driving through its absurd, gigantic fiberglass doughnut — a pristine example of mimetic architecture — is a brief, giddy and almost spiritual experience.

S.F. is struggling. Sacramento is booming. So why are both of their downtowns flailing?

SF Chronicle 4/22

While San Francisco struggles to ward off an impending economic “doom loop” triggered by office workers fleeing the city to work remotely — gutting its tax base and decimating regional transit systems like BART — you won’t have to travel very far to find the beneficiaries of this exodus.

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