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The Daily Prep List 4.11.2023


How California’s fast food liability bill could undermine local ownership

CalMatters 4/11

I didn’t have a penny to my name or speak a word of English when I emigrated from India at 16 years old.

FAST Act Shrapnel: AB 1228 redefines the franchise relationship

Fox Rothschild 4/10

The FAST Act is in limbo pending the outcome of a California ballot repeal initiative. Undaunted, the Legislature has excised key provisions of that Act and positioned them for separate enactment as AB 1228, introduced by California Assembly Member Holder on February 16th.

Food Industry Policy

What Should California’s Official State Food Be?

New York Times 4/11

In its nearly 173 years as a state, California has officially declared a state reptile, a state marine mammal, a state dinosaur, a state dance and a state tartan. The Golden State was even the first to name a state rock.

5 food additives linked to health risks could be banned under California proposal

CBS New 4/10

Some popular candies and snacks are being put under the microscope.

On the Side

The Ultimate Guide to California’s Best Burritos

Eater 4/11

The burrito is a fairly modern invention. While its exact origin story is a matter of debate, the dish started to appear in Mexico sometime in the 19th or early 20th century, with cooks filling thinly pressed or stretched flour tortillas with stewed or grilled meats before folding them into appetizing handheld packages.

All the Best Places to Eat During SF Restaurant Week for Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner

Eater SF 4/10

‘Tis the season for prix-fixe menus and dining deals across this city by the Bay, which is to say, San Francisco Restaurant Week is almost upon us.

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