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The Daily Prep List 4.06.2023


What stands between you and a four-day week

CalMatters 4/6

It’s Thursday evening. You pack up your things at work and hit the road.

Restaurants say they can’t hire enough servers due to the labor shortage. Some are turning to robots

Fortune 4/6

You may have already seen them in restaurants: waist-high machines that can greet guests, lead them to their tables, deliver food and drinks and ferry dirty dishes to the kitchen.

Food Industry Policy

Orange County cities, not food vendors, act like gangs against communities

Orange County Register 4/5

To hear some local council members describe it, gang-like enterprises are overrunning their cities and attacking the quality of life of cities.

High Court Ruling on Prop 12 Could Arrive Anytime

Brownfield 4/5

The head of a state Farm Bureau organization says the US Supreme Court could have a decision on California’s Proposition 12 very soon.

On the Side

LA Restaurants Leadership Roundtable

CRA 4/5


San Francisco Restaurant Culture Is in a Bad Place. Don’t Blame the Chefs

Bon Appetit 4/5

I still think of Oakland as home. The Bay Area is where I learned to cook, and its food culture is mostly to thank for my love of restaurants.

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