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The Daily Prep List 4.05.2023


Fast food industry strikes back

The Sacramento Bee 4/5

The fast food industry is fighting back against a bill intended to hold restaurant franchisors accountable for their franchisees’ legal violations.

Employing Minors in California

Zaller Law Group 4/4

With summer right around the corner, many businesses are looking to hire from local high schools.

Food Industry Policy

California law to ban cities from taxing sugary drinks leaves appeals court with bad taste

Northern California Record 4/4

An appeals panel found a California law sour, which penalizes home rule communities for establishing taxes to discourage consumption of sugary drinks, saying the law trods on the constitution.

118 Apply for Outdoor Dining Task Force

MB News 4/4

Do people in Manhattan Beach have strong feelings about outdoor dining? Apparently yes.

On the Side

It’s a ‘blood sport’: The secret game Bay Area restaurants play to get the world’s most in-demand wines

San Francisco Chronicle 4/5

The salesperson kept coming by with the same bottle of wine, desperately hoping that Beau Rapier would stock it in his shop.

“Certified Virtual Restaurants”

Expedite 4/4

Fine, I will admit it: MrBeast Burger is not a fad.

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