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The Daily Prep List 3.9.2023


Food Workers Find Doors Barred on Day of Union Protest

Capital & Main 3/6

A little after 6:30 in the morning on Feb. 2, Paul Andrade took a break from his job as a cook in Inglewood.

Why Companies Need To Develop Employment Law Checklists

Zaller Law Group 3/3

As California employers already know, noncompliance with the numerous employment regulations can result in serious legal consequences, monetary penalties, and damage to an organization’s reputation.

Food Industry Policy

Restaurant Association Updates Congress on State of the Industry and Policies Needed for Growth

NRA 3/6

Washington, D.C. – Today the National Restaurant Association sent a letter to Congressional leaders outlining the state of the industry and the policy priorities where their support could make a wide and positive impact for restaurant operators and the industry workforce.

New sweeping analysis debunks reports blaming gas stoves for respiratory illness

FOX News Digital 3/2

FIRST ON FOX: A new independent analysis published Thursday morning concluded that natural gas-powered stoves are “not a significant determinant of residential indoor air quality.”

On the Side

Restaurant expectations vary with different age groups

NRA 3/7

It comes as no surprise, perhaps, that the most recent generations of young adults, those who have grown up with the Internet and smart phones, are more comfortable with technology such as mobile ordering apps, digital wallets, and order kiosks in restaurants than older adults.

Top Japanese Restaurants

San Francisco Chronicle 3/7

It’s unsurprising that, with a more than century-long history as a cultural center for Japanese Americans, the Bay Area has developed a deeply entrenched and diverse Japanese food scene.

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