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The Daily Prep List 3.8.22


Starbucks Workers Speak about Unionization

LA Progressive 3/8

Starbucks workers around the country are filing to start unions in their stores. By the end of February, the movement had spread to more than 100 stores in 26 states, and 4 union elections had been finalized with 2 Buffalo, N.Y. stores and one in Mesa, Ariz. going union.

Why restaurants in the United States just can’t get the staff

El Pais 3/7

Working at a restaurant or fast food chain is something of an initiation rite in the United States.

Food Industry Policy

L.A. to consider ending COVID vaccine proof requirement at bars, restaurants, gyms

KTLA 3/7

The Los Angeles City Council will consider lifting the requirement for indoor businesses to verify customers’ COVID-19 vaccination status.

Inside FDA’s ‘forever chemicals’ catastrophe

E&E News Greenwire 3/7

Lawyers for DuPont knew the Food and Drug Administration had a serious concern that the company’s new food packaging product might be toxic.

On the Side

The 10 most innovative dining companies of 2022

Fast Company 3/8

Over the past couple of years, the restaurant industry was forced to innovate at warp speed to maintain customers amid a global pandemic that stopped indoor dining in its tracks.

How QSR marketers are riding the plant-based food wave

Marketing Dive 3/8

After years of stratospheric growth, plant-based foods are expected to continue comprising a bigger share of menus, plates and stomachs, potentially growing from a $29.4 billion market in 2020 to more than $162 billion in 2030, per Bloomberg Intelligence.

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