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The Daily Prep List 3.8.2023


The Times podcast: California’s ballot-box fast-food fight

Los Angeles Times 3/8

Last year, the California Legislature approved a bill that aimed to improve wages and conditions for fast-food workers, but the fast-food industry raised millions to oppose it.

Taco Bell franchisee reaches 300-unit milestone with plans to double in the next five yea

NRN 3/7

Diversified Restaurant Group formed in 2014 with the acquisition of nearly 30 Taco Bell restaurants.

Food Industry Policy

Heated topic: Major flaws discovered in studies used to bolster efforts to ban gas stoves

Washington Times 3/7

Cooking with natural gas is safe and does not play a significant role in determining indoor air quality, according to an analysis of available studies and government assessments evaluating gas stove cooking.

How one downtown rebounded from the pandemic, even as others struggle


SAN DIEGO (KPIX) — At the onset of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, downtowns across the country emptied out. Soft lockdowns, office closures and a massive shift to remote work meant businesses in the urban core that were traditionally dependent on the daily foot traffic of commuters were at risk of financial ruin.

On the Side

Meet the Woman Behind San Francisco’s Casual Korean Dining Empire

Eater SF 3/7

Bibimbar, a subterranean restaurant in San Francisco’s Financial District, hides from the city’s view like precious abalone on the bottom of a boulder.

The 8 Most Anticipated Los Angeles Restaurant Openings, Spring 2023

Eater LA 3/7

Despite a season of wet weather and cold temperatures, sunny days are here again for Los Angeles’s restaurant scene.

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