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The Daily Prep List 3.6.2023


Bars, Hotels and Restaurants Become the Economy’s Fastest-Growing Employers

Wall Street Journal 3/5

Operators of hotels, bars and restaurants—hit hard as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold—are now among the country’s fastest-growing employers, offsetting a slowdown in tech-related hiring.

Americans Are Tipping More—And More Often. The IRS Wants Its Cut.

Forbes 3/5

The skies in Raleigh, NC were blue on March 1st, with spring-like temperatures of nearly 70 degrees that tempted residents and tourists to stroll the streets of the city’s revitalized downtown.

Food Industry Policy

Association eyes bipartisan policy goals to power growth

NRA 3/3

The restaurant and foodservice industry will fuel the American economy in 2023, according to new research from the National Restaurant Association.

Why there aren’t enough eggs in California: Poultry expert Richard Blatchford

The Mercury News 3/3

The cost of a dozen large eggs in California has soared, averaging about $4.50, up from $2.35 at this time last year.

On the Side

Chefs with Michelin cred resurrect local institution, plus more Peninsula and South Bay restaurant openings

San Francisco Chronicle 3/6

After a slow start to the year, February saw a wide range of restaurants debut on the Peninsula and in the South Bay.

The 35 best restaurants in Los Angeles you need to try

TimeOut 3/3

Despite all that’s transpired during the pandemic, L.A. is still host to one of the most innovative, exciting and diverse food scenes in the country. Brick-and-mortar restaurants, Instagram pop-ups, street vendors and food trucks: No matter the form, you can find amazing food in a city whose reputation is built as much on off-the-beaten-path tacos and pop-ups as it is on fine dining-trained chefs making quick work of farmers’ market produce and mainline access to the top-notch Pacific seafood.

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