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The Daily Prep List 3.29.2023


Level up your Hiring in 2023, the Top 8 Ways to Hire Hourly Workers

QSR 3/29

Join industry expert Beau Hoge as he shares the strategies industry leaders and top executives are using to quickly—and successfully—hire today, and walk away with actionable steps to level up your hiring process.

Starbucks union draws fire for its business affiliations, signaling an escalation of hostilities

Restaurant Business 3/27

The gloves have come off in the restaurant industry’s struggle to halt organized labor’s infiltration of the business.

Food Industry Policy

Are restaurants allowed to accept food stamps?

Restaurant Business 3/24

A customer asked me if I accept EBT cards. I didn’t think that was allowed. Is that a thing now?

A new California bill could save outdoor dining as we know it

Los Angeles Times 3/17

After years of pandemic-spurred pivots and local concern regarding the possible loss of parklet dining permits, restaurants could get help from a new state bill that would extend the life of temporary outdoor dining.

On the Side

IHOP fills gaps in menu with new savory and sweet additions

Restaurant Business 3/29

IHOP dropped a new menu Wednesday, filling gaps with both sweet and savory options that guests can enjoy any time of day.

In the Bay Area, Pasta Enters Its Innovative Era

SF Eater 3/28

Let’s address the elephant in the room: The Bay Area has happily entered its fermented-everything era, and miso is everywhere.

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