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The Daily Prep List 3.21.2023


Should California referendum law become harder to use?

CalMatters 3/21

Over the last decade, as Democrats achieved total control of the state government and their policies took a turn to the left, those who oppose the ideological trend have increasingly used the only avenue still available – ballot measures to overturn what legislators and governors have wrought.

Exploring the Legal Requirements for Electronic Timekeeping Systems in California

Zaller Law Group 3/17

Do employers need to have a computerized timekeeping system to comply with their requirements under California law?

Food Industry Policy

What’s the total cost to swap out gas heat for electric? One Bay Area homeowner says almost $20,000

San Francisco Chronicle 3/20

Bay Area regulators voted last week to phase out gas furnaces and water heaters over the coming years — despite strong concerns about adding financial burdens to residents in a region already saddled with extremely high costs-of-living.

Restaurants turn to the states for relief on credit-card fees

Restaurant Business 3/20

To the dismay of sharp-eyed restaurateurs, any place that accepts credit cards is paying a processing fee not only on a customers’ food and beverage purchases, but also on the sales taxes that state and local governments levy.

On the Side

Rise and shine: Why breakfast chains are booming

Restaurant Dive 3/21

When First Watch opened its first restaurant 40 years ago in Pacific Grove, California, it was one of few concepts operating solely during the morning daypart.

Found Treasure: Food Teacher of the Year Imogen Erickson

Edible Monterey Bay 3/17

March 17, 2023 – What was called “home ec” back in the day ain’t what it used to be.

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