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The Daily Prep List 2.28.22


What California’s Fast Food Bill Could Mean For Workers

Tasting Table 2/25 It’s never a good time to be a fast food worker, but the coronavirus pandemic made what was already a difficult job to begin with even more challenging.

National Restaurant Association’s Battle Against 80/20 Rule Faces Setback

FSR Magazine 2/25

The National Restaurant Association’s battle against new federal tip credit regulations took a hit recently when a district court judge ruled against a preliminary injunction. 

Food Industry Policy

Council To Take Up Al Fresco Dining With Parklet Program


The Santa Rosa City Council next week will consider expanding a temporary parklet program the city adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic into a permanent pathway for businesses to build outdoor spaces in public rights-of-way.

Council says Pier enforcement will stay robust through summer

Santa Monica Daily Press 2/25

The City of Santa Monica has proven it’s willing to invest big bucks toward keeping its premiere tourist destination — the Pier — attractive for visitors and locals alike.

On the Side

Yelp: About 18K restaurants added outdoor dining since pandemic’s start

Restaurant Dive 2/28

About 18,000 businesses have listed outdoor dining as an attribute on Yelp since the pandemic began, new Yelp data shows, with the total establishments listing outdoor dining nearing 26,000. Comparatively, in February 2020, fewer than 8,000 businesses listed on Yelp included outdoor seating.

Wineries are luring top chefs with better work conditions — competing with Wine Country’s finest restaurants

San Francisco Chronicle 2/25

For the first course, the chef has prepared a grilled golden beet with roasted shallot and collard soubise. Next comes a maple glazed pork belly with roasted radicchio and ice wine vinegar. Each course is designed to pair with a carefully selected wine and showcase the drink’s depth of flavor.

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