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The Daily Prep List 2.23.22


Internet Slams Former Wendy’s Employee Who Filmed Cockroaches in Kitchen

Newsweek 2/22

A former Wendy’s employee posted a video of alleged cockroaches present in the kitchen area at the former restaurant where he worked.

Restaurant work has become more stressful than ever. Could a staff therapist help?

NPR 2/18

Restaurant jobs have always been difficult, but the mental stress has gotten worse during the pandemic as restaurants closed or cut hours — or became a ground zero for the fight over mask-wearing.

Food Industry Policy

On Main Street, the need to take on more debt is rising with inflation

CNBC 2/23

Price increases have been challenging for Superfit Hero, an independent plus-sized activewear brand. 

As a hog farmer, I know why California’s ‘bacon law’ hurts consumers — and pigs

Desert Sun 2/21

On Friday, the U.S Supreme Court was scheduled to consider whether to hear an appeal of NPPC v. Ross, challenging the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 12, nicknamed the “bacon law.”

On the Side

80% of US restaurants in danger of closing

Audacy 2/22

Prior to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a popular 2005 study done by researchers at Ohio State said that 61% of independently operated restaurants closed within three years of opening. 

Despite COVID-19 concerns and staffing shortages, new restaurants are booming in Roseville. Here’s why

KCRA 2/21

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The city of Roseville is starting 2022 on a high note with new businesses, restaurants, and residents.

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