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The Daily Prep List: 12.29.20


A new Trump administration rule turned the minimum wage debate into a political ‘Twilight Zone’

Business Insider 12/27

In a flip of traditional attitudes, conservatives applauded the higher minimum wage regulation while progressives howled in protest. But putting aside any amusement at the awkward political maneuverings, the rule itself is fundamentally flawed.

Unruly customers add to servers’ COVID-19 challenges

The Columbus Dispatch 12/27

Nine months after the coronavirus infected the first Ohioans, bar and restaurant workers say they continue to be confronted by customers who refuse to abide by mask mandates and social distancing requirements.

Food Industry Policy

This chart shows how restaurant revenue has fallen, even as delivery and takeout sales soar

CNBC 12/27

U.S. restaurant revenue is falling as takeout and delivery orders fail to make up for lost dine-in sales. UBS Evidence Lab found that dine-in restaurant sales plunged 69% in the week ended Nov. 29. In that same week, takeout and delivery sales soared 59%. But total restaurant revenue remained well in the red.

In California, little robot cars will deliver pizza, groceries, and medicine as a paid service in 2021 for the first time

Business Insider 12/27

Your groceries, pizza, and medicine can now be delivered via robotic vehicles if you live in California, as Nuro received the state’s first commercial permit for autonomous delivery. 

On the Side

These Are the 2020 Restaurant Closures That Broke Bay Area Food Insiders’ Hearts

Eater SF 12/28 

In a year of sad and shocking closures, these losses hit local dining experts the hardest.

Beverly Hills restaurant planning secret New Year’s dinner despite COVID closures

ABC7 Los Angeles 12/27

A high-end Beverly Hills restaurant was inviting customers to a “discreet” indoor New Year’s Eve dinner that apparently was going to be held in violation of Los Angeles County COVID-19 protocols.

Iconic L.A. restaurants struggling to survive are asking for donations

KTLA 12/26

With coronavirus numbers surging at unprecedented rates and Los Angeles County restaurants once again forced to halt in-person dining, many eateries throughout the region are struggling to survive.

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