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The Daily Prep List: 12.23.20


The Outlook For California Restaurants

Forbes 12/22

The past year has been a rough one for the restaurant industry all over the country. However, as Covid rates spike in California the state’s government has shut down indoor and outdoor dining once again with what is likely to deal a serious blow to an already struggling industry.


The Business Journal 12/22

“Any amount is going to be beneficial,” said Lorraine Salazar, owner of Sal’s Mexican Restaurant and past president of Fresno Chapter of the California Restaurant Association. She also noted that “30-40% just aren’t going to make it in the long term.”

Food Industry Policy

California’s Outdoor Dining Ban Might Extend Into 2021

Eater SF 12/22

Also: Hazard pay for grocery workers, and more news to know today.

5 Restaurant Tech Trends Accelerating Into 2021

QSR Magazine 12/22

As quick-service restaurants continue to assess their operations during the final days of a tumultuous 2020, the uncertainty of what the near and long-range future will hold is weighing heavily on the minds of operations executives.

On the Side

Northern California restaurants that need community support

ABC10 12/22

We asked you to help the community this holiday season by sharing the name ⁠of a locally-owned restaurant that needs community support right now. And you delivered!

48 Bay Area restaurants serving special New Year’s Eve feasts for takeout

San Francisco Chronicle 12/22

Even more than ringing in the new year, it’s time to celebrate the end of 2020 — and Bay Area restaurants are ready to facilitate.

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