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The Daily Prep List: 12.22.21


Opinion: Workers must be valued if San Diego area businesses are to succeed

San Diego Union-Tribune 12/21

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has placed a stark spotlight on many elements of our social and economic systems that have long been broken, and provided clarity on what must be improved and remade.

Restaurants Nationwide Temporarily Close as Staff Test Positive, Case Counts Rise

Eater 12/20

Restaurants are suddenly in a situation not dissimilar to that of the early pandemic, as the omicron variant of coronavirus sweeps the country: Case counts are shockingly high, staff and guests are testing positive, and restaurants — the responsible ones, at least — are choosing to close while staff are tested.

Food Industry Policy

Restaurants Opting into Proof-of-Vax Policies Find Happy Guests, Angry Commenters

Eater 12/22

A few weeks ago, as COVID-19 cases spiked across the state of Arkansas, veteran Little Rock restaurateur Capi Peck finally knew that it was time to implement a requirement that all diners passing through the doors of her 35-year-old restaurant, Trio’s, show proof of vaccination. 

The major US tourist cities that are turning to indoor vaccine or testing mandates

CNN 12/21

(CNN) — If you want to enjoy an indoor meal, drink or entertainment in some of the most popular urban escapes in the United States, you better have proof of vaccination or, in some cases, at least a negative result from a recent Covid-19 test with you.

On the Side

Los Angeles Restaurants, Nightlife Gear Up for Omicron Surge: “I Don’t Want to Be Back Here”

Hollywood Reporter 12/21

Just as L.A.’s hospitality sector was starting to recover from the last wave of the COVID-19 virus, restaurants and nightlife venues are bracing for the effects of the surging Omicron variant and contemplating the possibility of renewed restrictions.

9 Trends That Defined Food And Dining In 2021

Forbes 12/21

This year more than ever, headlines — from the Covid-19 pandemic to racial reckoning, TikTok to digital tech — have transformed the way we eat.

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