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The Daily Prep List 12.22.2022


Former Restaurant Workers Are Too Angry to Re-Apply, Study Finds

Restaurant Business 12/21

Many of the 8 million workers who were displaced from restaurant and hotel jobs during the pandemic’s early days are unlikely to re-apply because of lingering anger over how they were treated, a new academic study shows.

New money from Congress may avert labor crisis at national labor board

Washington Post 12/20

Congress is poised to boost funding for the federal agency that protects workers’ rights to organize, at least temporarily averting a staffing crisis that has hampered the Biden administration’s ability to deliver on its pro-union agenda — and that also threatened to cause prolonged labor unrest at the agency.

Food Industry Policy

State’s cut in gas emissions expands housing costs

The Sun-Gazette 12/21

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – A two-year old building code update is taking effect in 2023 to decrease carbon emissions in the state, but exhibits an uptick in the cost of construction.

Food producers now must label sesame as an allergen — and they’re putting it in more foods

CBS News 12/21

A new federal law requiring that sesame be listed as an allergen on food labels is having unintended consequences: Increasing the number of products with the ingredient.

On the Side

Get into the spirits, you can eat, drink and be seasonally merry at these bars and restaurants

The Sacramento Bee 12/22

Sometimes, the best way to get into the Christmas spirit is to get into Christmas spirits.

SDM’s 20 Best New Restaurants in San Diego, 2022

San Diego Magazine 12/21

From the bull market on hot pots, to futuristic space tiki bars on acid, to the return of an iconic San Diego chef, to Japanese-inspired listening bars, even a little fish shop from a fifth generation local fisherman who hit rock bottom and turned his life around to become one of the world’s foremost experts in sustainable seafood…

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