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The Daily Prep List: 12.21.20


Restaurant Workers Sound Off On the Difficulty of LA’s Second Shutdown

Eater Los Angeles 12/18

On-site dining remains closed while hospitality workers navigate SoCal’s massive coronavirus surge and the second shutdown.

Restaurant Workers Should Be Next in Line for the Vaccine

Food & Wine 12/18

The FDA’s emergency use approval of the Pfizer vaccine and the upcoming Moderna vaccine could literally be the shot in the arm that restaurants need, but until this pandemic is under control, servers and bartenders are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Food Industry Policy

Coalition of Lawmakers Asks ABC to Halt COVID-19 Enforcement on Restaurants

KFI 12/19

A coalition of California lawmakers have sent a letter to the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control requesting that it halt COVID-19 enforcement against restaurants in light of two recent Southern California court decisions, including a Los Angeles judge’s decision to reverse a ban on outdoor dining in the county.  

San Francisco officials demand explanation for outdoor dining ban

KRON4 12/18

The outcry over the ban on outdoor dining continues to grow. Now some San Francisco elected officials will be holding an emergency meeting next week, in order to demand that public health officials clearly explain the reasons why.

Ordering In? You Should See Protection Soon From Crazy Food Delivery Bills

NBC Los Angeles 12/18

The current Safer at Home order may have you ordering in from your favorite restaurants more than usual. But have you ever received a surprise on your bill – your order cost you way more than you expected? That’s what some consumers say is happening. But in a few weeks, you should see some added protection. 

On the Side

Hollywood restaurant La Poubelle in jeopardy of going out of business is asking for donations

KTLA 12/20

Through tears, the owner of a Hollywood restaurant in jeopardy of going out of business put out a plea for donations on Saturday.

Closing Outdoor Dining Was “Arbitrary,” Says LA County Supervisor

Spectrum News 12/19

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger tells Inside the Issues there’s a balance that’s missing from the messaging and restrictions placed on businesses, and especially restaurants, from county leaders and public health officials.

‘I am still here’: Oakland restaurant owner explains how he survived a rough 2020

ABC7 12/18

“I don’t think anyone had a pandemic in their business plan,” Nugent told us in an interview at the time, but he was determined to stay open anyways.

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